Kipchumba Moses

I have been following on various blogs that have inspired me for this far on how to write and not only to write but writing so well. I have read and followed various blogs and the best among them and too,others include:

And above all on the list,the last did so well of bringing this blog, Beyond The Horizon, into its inception.

It is with such an immeasurable and indefinable efforts that the owner of ,Patrick Lumumba,had to put in to have my blog with same domain name exist to date and to have any of you enjoy reading what it’s written on it nearly every now and then.

I ‘met’ Patrick Lumumba on the internet on the night of 23rd July,at 8pm.I had read more if not all of the articles on his blog and sincerely speaking,to date,I fell in love with his blog; the outlay, the appearance,the colourings and the writings.

Look,you haven’t read well penned articles until you visit his blog.The ever cute of a WordPress blog I have ever seen before.

It will be an understatement to call Patrick great for he commands more than just that.He is bigger than even life itself.

“Hi Broo?”I had greeted him that night.

“I am good,how is you?” He had answered at once.

Thanks God he wasn’t one of those snobbish guys.Those that behave so sissy!

“Great.I thank God,” was all I had to offer over my surprise of how quicker he was on repling to my inbox.

And then,it was my turn to pursue on my request.

“Can I ask for a favour?” I asked just after I had replied to him.

“Yes you can,no worries,go ahead broo” was his reply.

“It’s with my blog Broo,I have had problems forming one.I have seen and fallen in love with yours.How did you come up with such a beautiful blog?”

“Mmmm.Thanks for your compliment,” he humbly thanked me.

“It was so simple,I am a web developer.I develop websites and what have you,looking into any internet  problems.”

“Wait,did you say it was so simple and can you help me form one such of a kind?” I surprisingly requested him with my hopes in the sky.

I later provided him with every detailed ranging from my avatar,blog colour,descriptions passwords,email and password.

To date,I am still contemplating of what present , that which can do enough justice to say thanks to Patrick,for having brought this blog to birth.

It is not that simpler as you are thinking right now,for someone to do exactly what you wanted them to,instantly,and with no pay on their names.

Whoever reads this article and feels that they need any help with blogs and anything websites(I got no idea what it’s all about),be free to contact Patrick on Facebook, going by a username Patrick Lumumba  or via his blog at Up With Hope. Down With Dope and trust me all your problems shall be sorted out so easily and you won’t have to waste your money on scrupulous merchants purporting to be internet gurus.

You can read the whole review here.