How to Develop a Personal Strategic Initiative.

A strategic initiative is a strategy on paper. In a few words, the strategic initiative provides your compass and states your goals. 

Think about existing opportunities. Review threats and blockers to your vision. Consider optional courses of action. Then write out your strategic initiatives using statements like the following:

Career: I will get a degree at night school that makes me eligible for promotion. 

Family: I will send our children to college. 

Renewal: I will go on an educational trip overseas for a week. 

Health: I will train and attempt to run a marathon. 

Now,  move on to implementation. Prioritize the most important three to five initiatives. Do not select more than this number or you will be attempting too much. Develop a plan of action for each initiative. Be diligent in your follow-through. 

These steps will ultimately create your individualised pathway to personal success.