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List of Available Ebooks

​1. 48 laws of power

2. 56key profit building lessons

3. 200 profitable business ideas in kenya

4. 1001 ways to be romantic

5. 21 success secrets

6. 10-day green smoothie cleanse

7. 300 chicken recipes

8. 21st Century Art of Leadership

9. 32 steps in good communication

10. A good man is hard to find and other stories

11. A single man

12. Africa kills her sun

13. Are you afraid of the dark? – Sydney Sheldon

14. Art of war

15. As nature made him

16. As a man thinketh

17. Authority in 3 worlds

18. Altars and covenants

19. Africa kills her sun

20. Animal farm

21. A new way of Living – Joyce Meyer

22. Bottled Water Business Guide

23. Becoming a prayer warrior

24. Baked sensations

25. Being the person God made you to be – Joyce Meyer

26. Blogging basics for beginners

27. Best Laid – Sydney Sheldon

28. Cracking the dream code

29. Chicken diseases

30. Chicken farming

31. Conversations with God

32. Customer relationship management system

33. Childcare Handbook

34. Dangerous Kiss

35. Detained

36. Developing leaders

37. Decolonising the mind

38. Deliver us from evil

39. Detoxification guide and recipe book

40. Eat, pray, love

41. Eclipse twilight bk 3

42. Everyone communicates few connect

43. Entrepreneurship and communication

44. Exploring business opportunities

45. Figure it out for yourself

46. Five point someone

47. Fools die

48. For married women only

49. Get the guy

50. Healing of the spirit

51. His needs her needs

52. Hit and run

53. How to make your faith work

54. Ho tactics

55. How to make anyone fall in love with you

56. Joel Osteen – The Power of I Am

57. Joel Osteen – You Can, You Will

58. Kingdom principles

59. Kenyan cuisine recipe

60. Mind power seduction

61. Men are from mars, women are from venus

62. Moving the centre

63. Matigari

64. Milk distributorship

65. Name it,claim it, take it

66. Never chase men

67. New creation realities

68. Nice girls don’t get the corner office

69. Number the stars

70. On becoming toke

71. Own your own corporation

72. Parenting styles

73. Passion prayer book

74. Rich kid smart kid

75. Rich bitch guide to love money

76. Romeo and Juliet

77. Secrets of fascinating womanhood

78. Shut up stop whining and get a life

79. Solving single(how to get the ring not the run  around

80. Starting from zero

81. Strategies for prayer

82. Success principles

83. Symptoms of backsliding

84. Sydney Sheldon –If Tomorrow Comes

85. The power of a praying wife

86. The power of positive thinking

87. The power of a praying husband

88. The subtle art of not giving a fuck

89. The successful leader

90. The Ballot or bullet

91. The Thankyou Economy

92. The supernatural Christian

93. The unemployed millionaire

94. Things fall apart

95. Think and grow rich

96. Trump never give up

97. Twilight

98. The unspoken feeling of a gentleman

99. The Grace to start over

100. The Holy spirit and his gifts

101. The love dare

102. The power of the pussy

103. That is that

104. The 5 people you meet in heaven

105. The soapmakers companion

106. The tao of dating

107. The monk who sold his Ferrari

108. Two Kinds of Righteousness

109. The Notebook

110. The big book of parenting solutions

111. The seven spirits of God

112. The forty rules of love

113. The mother of all parenting books

114. The power of being thankful

115. Unspoken Feelings of a Gentleman

116. Why men don’t listen

117. Why men love bitches

118. Why non-tithing Christians remain poor and why  tithing Christians can become rich

119. Who moved my cheese

120. What I wish I knew when I was 20

121. Well now my pretty

122. You were born rich

123. Your greatest you

124. You are caught by your speech

125. Lies Women Believe and the Truth that sets them Free

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