Have a Plan

have a plan

“The commander who gets many scores during the calculations in the temple before the war will have more liklihood of winning.”
~Sun Tzu

Too often, planning is simply a mental process. An idea that is only in our head as we simply look at the past and adjust for the future. Sailors call this steering by the wake.”

In war, generals say that no plan survives the first battle. The same is often true in life – outside events influence the success of our plan. Do not let this possibility of disruption defer you from planning. Without a plan of action, you may never get started. Simply consider plans as a basis for change. President Harry Truman said,

“When I make a dumb decision, I go on and make another dumb decision.”

Put Your Plan In Writing.

have a plan A plan exists only when it is a written document. If you do not have a plan in writing you may have a dream, a vision- or perhaps a nightmare. You do not have a plan unless it is a written document.

Kipling wrote:

I have six honest serving men.

They taught me all I knew.

Their names were what and where and when,

And why, and how, and who

Answer the questions posed by the six honest serving men and you have a simple format for putting your plan into writing.

Why am I taking this course of action?

What am I going to achieve?

How am I going to proceed?

When am I going to do it?

Where will it happen? 

Who is going to be involved?

It is so easy to answer these questions in our head and so much better to put the answers in writing. Tom Monahagan, founder of Domino’s Pizza, says,

Writing is the key to my system. I carry a writing pad with me everywhere I go. All my thoughts, my plans, my dreams and my analyses of problems are written down in my pad. I sometimes have several pads going at once for different kinds of thoughts. I have accumulated dozens of these pads- although I never look at them again. What’s important is the thinking that goes into the writing, not the words that wind up on paper. I set long-range goals, annual goals, monthly, weekly and daily goals. The daily goals take the form of to-do lists.  The long-range goals are dream sheets. 

Instead of Monahagan’s yellow pad, I prefer an attractive bound journal that can be purchased for $10 at a bookstore. Others prefer notebook planners with calender pages. Whatever you use, a single place to record everything is the kind of organization that will make you more productive.


Double Tragedy

Have you ever had a terrible dream and then wake up in the middle of the night to go through the dream? You try to remember but things don’t go well and so you ask God to let you fall asleep and have the same dream once again. 

“Ask and you shall receive…”  

I believe you are familiar with the verse. 

Well, you immediately fall asleep and start dreaming once again. And now you can be able to see things clearly. You are seated in one of those comfortable benches beside a swimming pool in one of the fancy hotels in the world. You have come here on a vacation. You always go on vacations in the month of September every year. Good sunshine and fresh air are all you need. You have done a few rounds of swimming and now you are lying on the poolside. Enjoying the sun. And the view. 


It’s 10 in the morning. People begin to leave. Beautiful ladies in bikinis say hello to you as they walk back to the changing rooms. Being that you are on a vacation, you are in no hurry.  You continue to enjoy the sunshine. You are not alone. A bunch of other people are still swimming. Some are also enjoying the sunshine. You feel confident. And then you thank God for everything.  
Suddenly, something happens. There are screams. People are shouting. You get up quickly, remove your sunglasses and run to where the screaming is coming from.  Someone is drowning.  He is at the deep end of the pool. And no one is willing or brave enough to dive in to help him. People are just staring. Some taking pictures and videos.  Others crying for help. So what do you do? You man up and jump into the pool. You dive deep and luckily, you get hold of him. And then you bring him to the surface so that you may perform a CPR on him. On reaching the surface, you wipe water off your face and to your surprise, the man you have just saved is you. You were the one drowning.  No one  one was willing to help you. No one was willing to jump into the water to save your life. No one. They just stood there and watched you struggle for your life. But you saved yourself. 

That’s how life sometimes is. We go through a lot of things. From financial to domestic issues. Maybe you are struggling to pay your own tuition fees. Or, you are unhappy with your current job because of the daily frustrations. Your boss thinks that you are a nobody. Well, I have news for you. No one is gonna save you. Man up and jump into the pool and pull yourself out. You have you. Don’t let them take pictures of you drowning. Let them take pictures of you saving yourself. You are your own hero. You are your own superman.  You are your own superwoman. Save yourself.  

How to Develop a Personal Strategic Initiative.

A strategic initiative is a strategy on paper. In a few words, the strategic initiative provides your compass and states your goals. 

Think about existing opportunities. Review threats and blockers to your vision. Consider optional courses of action. Then write out your strategic initiatives using statements like the following:

Career: I will get a degree at night school that makes me eligible for promotion. 

Family: I will send our children to college. 

Renewal: I will go on an educational trip overseas for a week. 

Health: I will train and attempt to run a marathon. 

Now,  move on to implementation. Prioritize the most important three to five initiatives. Do not select more than this number or you will be attempting too much. Develop a plan of action for each initiative. Be diligent in your follow-through. 

These steps will ultimately create your individualised pathway to personal success. 

Bible And Slavery

What I’m trying to say is, it’s no coincidence that slaves became the strongest believers. They were looking for something to get them pass what they were going through. And that something was God. And if you are struggling, displaced, hopeless, poverty striken; there is one thing that they have in common and it’s the belief that no matter where they are today, something better is coming. In this world, or the next.