It’s Our Anniversary

April 4th marked this blog's 2nd anniversary. I started this blog way back in 2016. I was, at the time, a lonely, lost and craving soul. I just needed a place to pour my thoughts. I needed a place to write. Then I came across WordPress. I created a blog, called it Up with Hope,... Continue Reading →


Have a Plan

"The commander who gets many scores during the calculations in the temple before the war will have more liklihood of winning." ~Sun Tzu Too often, planning is simply a mental process. An idea that is only in our head as we simply look at the past and adjust for the future. Sailors call this "steering... Continue Reading →

How to Develop a Personal Strategic Initiative.

A strategic initiative is a strategy on paper. In a few words, the strategic initiative provides your compass and states your goals.  Think about existing opportunities. Review threats and blockers to your vision. Consider optional courses of action. Then write out your strategic initiatives using statements like the following: Career: I will get a degree... Continue Reading →

Bible And Slavery

What I'm trying to say is, it's no coincidence that slaves became the strongest believers. They were looking for something to get them pass what they were going through. And that something was God. And if you are struggling, displaced, hopeless, poverty striken; there is one thing that they have in common and it's the... Continue Reading →

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