How I Earned My First Respect. 

I grew up as an only child. You can imagine all the privileges, the attention, abundant love and all that. My parents were very protective of me. Especially my mum. For all I can remember, she was a no nonsense woman back in the day. She still is. You could never dare come home crying that you had been beaten by some lowless manner-less kid at school or at the playground.

“Don’t you have your hands?” She could say. 

“Be a man and stand for yourself.” 

Unlike other women who could go after the bully kid, my mom had her way of teaching me how to be a strong person and to always defend myself. And it worked. An incident that I would never forget is when I came home from school crying. I was a new kid in that school and I was only seven years old. Some fat kid had taken my lunch the previous day and threatened to ‘kill’ me had I told anyone. He was big and plump. And tall. And ugly-face. I doubt if he was of our age. Everyone was terrified of him. And he had his crew. A huge bunch of bullies. 

“Hey, the new short kid,” he called. 

I knew he was calling at me but I decided to ignore him. 

“Hey, am I calling you?” He insisted. 

He got up from his desk angrily, walked straight towards me and held me by two ears. I floated, a few millimeters above the ground. It hurt. He summarised it with a hot slap. Forget about the bitch slap or any other slap, this one was hotter. I wailed. Everyone burst out into laughter. I was embarrassed. The following day he tried to attack me using the same technique. Being a very tiny kid who had been lectured by his mom on how to defend himself the previous day, and younger (as compared to him), I began to strategise on how to counter his attack. I found one. Quickly. And then I waited for his move. And when he finally invaded my territory, I had no choice but to retaliate. I jumped on him like a baby. With my teeth on his shoulder and hands all over his face. It was dramatic. With everyone cheering. It was him who cried out loudly this time. And when his mother came to attack my mom later in the day, she got her portion of the medicine. And that is how I earned my first respect. 

Well, were you ever bullied when you were young? How did you get over it? Please share with us your experinces on the comment box. Huh!! Let’s go. 


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  1. Well done on taking care of the Bully!

    I tend to be a bit of pacifist, but as one of my characters put it, “I’m a Christian and a SEAL. That means I know what to do after I’ve turned the other cheek’.

    I was raised never to start it, but by God, you better finish it. As a result, I had a rep for being a bit of a wimp. What no one realized was this wimp had teeth. My father knew more than his fair share of martial arts. I had a grandpa that had been a boxer. And I had a crazy cousin in 101st Airborne that was happy to teach me what he knew.

    In short, I learned from the best.

    So, I’m thirteen years old, I went into the bathroom at school. Some of the local hoods were standing around in there, smoking and generally being bad. I standing there at the urinal when all of sudden, one of them has his arm around my neck in a chock move and he’s whispering, “OK, we’re going to f*** you up.”

    Every lesson I ever had came back. The first thing I realized is the arm he he had around my neck, he had his hand open. I reached up, grabbed two fingers, and moved them back to about where his elbow was.

    He screamed, loosened his grip, and it was enough. I twisted, and gave him three hard, machine gunned elbows into the ribs, and heard a crack. He folded over in pain, but I by now I’m thinking about how I’m going to get out of here. One on one is one thing. Ten on one is another. I still had hold of his hand, and I twisted so it was now behind him, grabbed him by the neck, and propelled him, head first into a toilet that hadn’t been flushed all day. (Yes, it was pretty disgusting).

    His buddies started forward, and I yelled, “Back off. I’ll kill him!”

    While they’re analyzing that, and apparently thinking I just might, and not to mention trying to understand how Bruce Lee showed up in their midst, and the guy is drowning, I’m trying to think of how to get out alive. I decided the easiest way was to just run for the door.

    I jerked him head first out of the toilet and propelled him into his friends. By the time he collided with them, I was out the door and headed for the office.

    Is stormed into Coach Val’s office, informed him that so and so was bleeding all over the bathroom (he was, when I put him into the toilet, I broke his nose), and that I did it.

    I didn’t get suspended or expelled, but he did.

    And I never had an ounce of trouble after that.

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