Last Coffee Date.

We had been dating for 11 full months. This last date was to be a celebration of our first anniversary. 

We had our favourite coffee shop. One that we had settled on after the first seven coffee dates at four different coffee shops. The first one was too expensive for us. The second one….poor sanitation. The third one’s coffee tasted like shit. The fourth one. Well, the fourth one…my lunatic ex worked there. 

Every Saturday evenings were meant for coffee dates. No matter what, we had to show up for the date. Even if we had had arguments over the week. It was actually the best way to redeem ourselves. To forgive ourselves. To kiss our differences away. 

Today was to be different being that it was to mark our 12th month of love. I proposed that we had our date at the first Coffee shop. Yes. The expensive one. And you refused. You said you had fallen in love with the other one.

Today you were early. Unusual. And you were wearing the dress I bought you as a present on your birthday. Sweet. Too bad I had already decided this would be the last Coffee date. 


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