Dear God, 

A man who lost a daughter in a church having a conversation with God.
A man in a church.

It’s me again. Sitting here. The same spot as yesterday. And the day before yesterday. Asking the same questions.

Why God? Why? 

Didn’t she serve you well? Didn’t she sing for you? Didn’t she contribute well towards the building and growth of your church? Why did you have to take her away from me? Why did you have to take her away from us? You called her to be a nun, she heeded. You commanded her to be a nurse, she respected that. Wasn’t she a loyal servant to you? God, why?

“Daddy, Daddy, look what I have. An admission letter to The State University. I’m going to study nursing.” 

One of her special days. 

Growing up, she always had big dreams, she was the perfect description of the little girl that wanted everything. She wanted to be a princess who was rescued by her prince charming, the one that wanted to live in a ginormous castle with hundreds of maids and when she was a little girl she wanted the biggest most fanciest wedding a little girl could dream of. She was my little girl with a big dream. Studying nursing was one of her enormous dreams. I believe you remember that day. Ow! You are the God, you couldn’t have forgotten.  

And then “I’m going to be a nun” news came along.  “I want to serve the Lord with everything I have. I want to help the poor. I want to help the orphans. The homeless kids. The elderly. I want to help the humankind. Dad, I want to serve God. Fully.” Who was I to stop her from heeding the call. I was so happy my baby was going to be a nun.  Her mum was happy she was going to be a nun. I believe you were too. She did everything you asked of her and still you took her away from us.

Why God? 


She was kind, generous, humble and spiritual.

Still, you took her. 


Please answer me God. You know I’m never going to give up coming here until you’ll  provide me with the answers to my questions. 


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