I Write…

Long ago, not so long though, there were days I could lock myself inside the house for a period of not less than one week. No phone calls, no visits, actually there were no visits because I had no friends, I still don’t have many friends. No nothing. All I wanted those days was to be alone. To think. To strategise.  To solve my own problems. To punish myself for not realising some of my own set goals. Sometimes it was about celebration. 

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I remember having numerous conversations with myself during those days. Some good, some painful. I could cry and shed tears along the way. It was like getting to terms with most of the things I had experienced in the past days. Looking at my life and that of the people around me sometimes made me cry. Some, actually, made me smile. 

After my one week of solitary, my life always started a fresh. I used to get out of it a changed person. No more pains. No more grudges.  No more sorrows. Lots of solutions to my problems. I used to get out of it a strong and a better person. 

And then came the last one. I was in my final year at the University.  I had locked myself in the house for three days. I had like three to four more days to go. As I was going through my social media pages, WordPress came along. I did my first post, published it and shared it with the world. Something unusual happened. I felt better. I felt some kind of relief.  

Well, that is why I write. 

I write because writing cleanses my soul. Writing purifies my spirit. Sharing my ideas with the world is one of the reasons I like to write.  Telling stories to the world is an amazing thing. My pen has never failed me. A friend that cries and sheds tears with me. My pen. Oh my pen. I write because I want to inspire someone out there. I write because I want to encourage that homeless boy to have hope. To never give up life. I write because I want to help that young entrepreneur grow his business. To help reveal and counter the rot in our societies. I write because it is the best way one can be able to touch millions of lives within a short period of time. I write because I love to write. 


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