Him #1

I told you not to come back. Please go away. I don’t want any trouble. Security…Security. .. He had no choice but to leave. With his military small backpack, he walked straight to the elevators to exit the building. He was tired. Hungry. And sleepy. He had not had any proper meal in over fifteen days. No proper sleep since when he lost his father. Being only fifteen, everyone had thought that he would be taken in by that his rich uncle. Yes. The one who works at the embassy and lives in the city. Or the politician one. He had only one child and taking care of his nephew was not going to be a problem after all. I mean, the president had honoured him with a post of Cabinet secretary in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation. And his wife, mama Brayo, as many call her, is a senior lecturer at the University of Nairobi. Rumours has it that she flies out of the country twice in a month. Trips to which she goes to lecture in two universities, one in Canada and another in USA. So,  definitely there is money in that house. And taking care of a fifteen year old can’t be a problem.Well, none of them took him in. He was left all alone. Being the only child, he had nowhere to go to. After the burial,  his uncles and their families left in their BMWs and Subarus back to the city. His father left him with nothing. Perhaps, the small piece of land where their small hut was standing on. He needed to continue with his education. He had his dreams too. Just like other kids. And so he decided to start looking for help. At only fifteen he had submitted over fifteen job applications. Each being dismissed. This time he had hopes of getting one. They needed an office cleaner. He qualified.  He knew that. Unfortunately, this was another one of his numerous dismissals.


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