To The Girl I once Loved

Our love was so natural.

So pure.

Our love was so beautiful.

We were both young and the only thing we knew about was love.

Love between us.

And one thing we were extremely good at was expressing this love.

The letters you wrote me.

The surprise visits you paid me.

Your smiles.

Your words, so amazing.

I was a poor writer back then but because of you,

I told myself I was never going to give up.

Writing a letter back to you could take me hours and several leaves of papers.

The revised one was always better than its predecessor.

I could revise and edit one letter several times.

The objective:  To express myself in the best way possible.

I used to keep your letters and read them whenever I was lonely.

I must confess.

You were good with a pen and a paper.

The outcome was always perfect.

Your words;





I remember this one time when I needed to make the first move.

It was the toughest day of my life.

I felt a sigh of relief afterwards though.

Give me a few days to think over it is all you said.

We got separated.

You went to the city.

And I never saw you again.

Rumors had it that you got married.

It is up to you to confirm.

I believe you are doing well.

I just wanted to say hi anyway.

I wish you a happy life.


Inspired by your pics.


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