I personally don’t listen to the local radio stations. I also don’t own a radio receiver. I know you are wondering what kind of phone I’m having. Well, my phone has a radio application but I just prefer not to listen to the local radio stations. That doesn’t mean that I listen to international radio stations. No. I just don’t listen or follow any program on a radio station.

So then, where do I get the news about what is happening in my country and across the globe? Internet.
Now, my neighbor owns a radio receiver and he’s connected it to a sub woofer. Sometimes when my room is quiet, that is when I’m not playing a video game or watching a movie or listening to my good music, I find myself becoming an audience of the program. I have never been keen on the channel he always tunes to but something has been common about this channel(s): Listeners call these radio stations to report the problems they are facing in their relationships. The day before yesterday it was a man complaining that his wife is so selfish. That his wife doesn’t even allow him make a voice in the house. That it’s like the wife was cheating on him. When the presenters made a call to the woman. Wacha. She said all. Tarnished the man’s name. Said how she is the one who bought the piece of land and built a house for the family. Now looking at the two sides, man’s and woman’s, I couldn’t be able to know who was right and who was being nyanyaswad. Listeners were given time to text and call to give their advice on the issue. I didn’t wait for that segment. I had other things to do. Again, I don’t like listening to radio station’s programs.
Yesterday, it was a young lady complaining that she’s been left by quite a number of men. Reason being, after tasting the punani, they find it “a maji maji rebellion”. She was crying while saying this to the presenters and the “listeners” like me. I wish I could tell her to appreciate who she was and stop kissing many frogs thinking that one of the frogs would turn into a prince. I wish I could tell her to seek medical attention if she thought that her experience was a big problem. I wish I could tell her to stop seeking help from the “Google” because our bodies aren’t the same. I hope she got help.
Now, today, it’s a young man saying, and I quote, “juzi, mrembo wangu alinipigia simu kuniomba pesa za saluni. Nilimwambia sina alafu tangu hiyo siku, hanitext wala kunipigia simu kama kitambo. Ninashuku ako na mpenzi mwengine.” End of quote. Shida kweli.
I don’t have a problem with these radio stations running programs like this one. A program where people bring their relationship issues to be discussed and be advised by even people who don’t know what relationship is. If you guys are having a problem in your relationship, why don’t you sit down and talk about it? And if talking has failed to work, why don’t you just go separate ways? Why share it in the social media? Listeners won’t help you solve your relationship problems. Taking it to social media won’t help anything. Learn to make things work between the two of you. And if this fails then read my title.


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