A letter of a sorry son to his lost mother.


Dear mama,

I don’t know whether to start with asking how you are doing or to just get straight to the point. It’s been weeks since we last talked. It’s been months since we last saw each other. What happened to you? Did you give up on me? Did you give up on your son? Your only son. What did I do to you mama? Where on earth are you?

Father told me you had left for the city. Your intentions, mysterious.  At first it was hard for me to believe him but I had to. I had no other choice. I think I’m old enough to be involved in the family decision-making processes. That’s what you told me a few months ago. And you always involved me. Why was I left out of this particular one?

It all started with phone’s network problem. Then to the battery issue. And now you’ve gone dark. Totally dark. Why mama? Why? I know I sometimes took long before making a phone call to you. Did that hurt you? I know I took long before coming home to see you but mama I missed you too. Please don’t punish me for this.


Since you’ve been gone mama, I got no one to cheer me up. No one to ask me what I ate for lunch mama. No one to remind me to go to church every Sunday mama. Come back to me mama. I miss you mama. I miss you so much. Your beautiful smiles, I only but see them in my dreams. Your sweet voice, I only but hears them in my head. Your beautiful face is all over.

Mothers’ day is just around the corner and I’m hoping that I find you before it reach. I know I have been selfish. Always bothering you with my own problems and never giving you time to share your own with me. You are the mother. That’s how I always reasoned. I was stupid. I admit that. I’m a grown man now mama. You can trust me with what it is that is bothering you. I believe we shall find a way. Together.

Many at times I feel like I’m all alone in this world mama. No one to talk to about my problems. No one to talk to about my relationship issues. No one to inform about my progress in life. I cry over you like a little boy mama. I miss you mama. Come back me mama. Come back to your son. Or better still, you can tell me where you are and I’ll come for you mama.

Your loving son,


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