Tips to take to heart when traveling with a  smartphone. 

Taking a smartphone along on a journey can make life easier.  With applications like Google Maps and hotel booking apps designed to provide quick hotel and travel services at the click of a button, a portable device with great internet facility is one of the essential tools to carry.

Along with the convenience of choosing a phone over a laptop, here are some tips to take to heart when travelling with a mobile device anywhere in the world:

  1. Turn off  auto-sync. 

 Just what do we mean by the term sync? To synchronize, in (computing), means to flush all pending I/O operations to disk. Trust me, you dont want your phone to lose a lot of charge wile travelling. Ensure that you turn it off. That way,  you will be able to economise your phone’s charge.

       2. Switch to airplane mode.

Switch to airplane mode for faster charging. With your mobile device switched to airplane mode, only a few programs will be running. There will be less heating and therefore faster charging. The idea here is to maximise what goes in (charge) and minimise the consumption (of charge) while charging for a shortest period of time possible.

       3. SIM Card.

You have reached your destination and the first thing we all know you are going to do next is to start making calls to your family telling them about your safe arrival. Plus, you are going to need directions across the city you are visiting. Buy a new SIM Card and have it registered. Keep your old SIM Card because you are going to need it the moment you step foot back to your home country.

     4. Beware of unprotected WiFi.

Cheap is expensive. I believe you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars buying a new phone just because the one you travelled with has been attacked by virus you could have prevented. Geting connected to an unprotected WiFi may also allow foreign intrusion into your files. If you must use a WiFi,  find out if the hotel you are checking in to has a protected WiFi.  If they don’t have then use your newly bought SIM Card.


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