To My Future Wife.

Where on earth are you?

Days are going and so are the years.

How much longer until you come out for the world to see you?

Tell me. I’m all ears.
I wrote you a letter,  please tell me you got it,

Weekends have passed, still no reply,

It’s not late though, you can still do it,

And if you decide to do it, do it before July.
I’m beginning to think, you must be an African,

Because if an Indian,  you’d have come for me already,

I have never been to USA, you can’t be an American,

You are from my motherland and yes, for you I’m ready.
Mama phoned me this morning,

She asked a lot about you,

And I promised to give her answers in the evening,

Problems after problems.  I don’t even know you.


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