You Had To Know Anyway

Excuse me!
I don’t mean to be rude,
Please forgive me,
I know you are busy and stopping you for even a second isn’t a good idea,
I wont take a minute of your time,
I promise.
If I take two or three, please don’t get mad.
To the point now,
I have worked so hard to delete your image off my memory,
The image my eyes took and got recorded in the brain,
Because of time, I won’t go into details
I have written lots of letters to you,
I have composed lots of poems for you,
I have imagined of a different life with you,
My request,
Please give a little of your time,
To read them for you,
To recite the poems for you,
I’d give you the copies if you want,
But please give me a few minutes of your time.
It doesn’t have to be now,
Or even today,
Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or, days after tomorrow,
Still okay.
Here is my number,
You can send me a text if you wish to listen to what I have to say.
Oh! By the way, I’m Patrick.
Thanks for your precious time.


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