April Fool’s Day Joke? No (part two)

Love is like a butterfly. I feel it when you kiss me.

It was AMAZING. It felt so right so
natural. Her smell, her taste, our kissing, her lips. Everything! It was intense. We attacked each other like in a cheesy love story. Her body was unbelievable. I had a few really good ones before. Some really dirty ones. Like Category A men’s porno sex dream. Even if this was not the case with her, it felt so much better than everything before. The feels, chemistry,warmth. “Random-sex is really a good one.” I said to myself. As we lay side by side , breathing heavily, we were grinning like idiots and then she gave me a high five. She covered herself in a towel and went to the kitchen for a glass of water.

I was now able to see. I had been blind the entire time. Blind to see the bedroom set up. Her bed. Big enough to accommodate three MEN. And when I say MEN, I mean MEN. The color of the bed cover was pink, so soft and calm. On the bed, there  were two pillows , a bolster, and a cute doll that I thought always accompanied her when she was sleeping. There was a table and a chair next to the bed at the left corner of the room. I could feel the wind blowing from a big window that made the room cosy and bright. I could also see a beautiful garden full of wonderful flowers from the window. At the
opposite of the window, there was a large cupboard with Bali’s carving. The carving so smooth and gorgeous. It looked like a
carving in the great temple. Natasha’s bedroom was just gorgeous. Everything put in their right places. I was loving her already.

She came back with two glasses and a bottle of wine instead of water. She found me staring at the picture on the wall. It was in a frame of about 30 cm by 20 cm in dimensions. It was picture of her and a man in his 20’s. He was in a  nice suit and a pair of dark sunglasses. He was sitting on a long stool with Natasha holding him from behind. Both smiling. The picture was lovely. And I was getting jealous already. He is my twin brother. He is studying computer science at Stanford University. She explained. I  took a deep breath and said, “Okay. He looks nice and intelligent.Thank you. We are all our parents got. The two of us. She replied .That explained everything. That explained why she was living in such a fancy apartment. It explained why she was studying at such an expensive private University. Just her and the brother. We talked about many things. Cracked jokes. Made fun of our childhood experiences. Some times ran around the house naked. It felt like we had dated for decades. Like we had known each other for centuries. It was already 4.17 PM. We had been in her house for four hours. Four good hours. I couldn’t believe it. I broke my own record of the longest time of stay at a lady’s place. Things were moving too fast. And I was getting worried. We were getting attached to each other. Dangerous. My phone rang. I could hear it from a distance. It was in my pair of trousers pocket that I had kicked off while getting into the bedroom four hours ago. I located it. It was Mike calling. I had known Mike since High school. We were best friends. He wasn’t a male model but he should have been. The lush, mother lode-black hair he groomed so carefully had a rippling quality, a sign of his rude health. His only blemish was that he was beetle-browed and they sometimes
knitted in frustration. He was the brother I never had. Brother from another mother. I  received the call and even before I could say a word, Mike said these words and ended the call immediately: the wedding collapsed. 

My eyes turned red. I felt confused. I felt something burn in my stomach. My limbs. I couldn’t move. I stayed for about twenty seconds holding the phone onto my ear with my mouth open. I could feel the magnitude of the disappointment. From what I saw back at the church, there was no way on earth Sasha could be the cause of the disappointment. Everything was as she had always wanted. It was her dream wedding. It must have been that nigga. I thought to myself. But he looked so loving and innocent. Maybe. Just maybe,  behind his innocence lied the true colors that might have destroyed Sasha in the near future. And Sasha being a young and intelligent lady, got to realize that before they tied the knot. Confusing. I wanted to know the truth.

Natasha noticed that something was not right. She too looked at me with a lot of confusion. I wasn’t so sure if she had not heard a glimpse of what Mike said. Mike was fast and to the point. Natasha came close to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and then told me that whatever it was, everything was going to be just fine. But why was I getting emotional? Why was I feeling for Sasha. She was my ex. We broke up four years ago. I had moved on. She had moved on too.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

  It was getting crazy. I was going nuts. Memories of her started to linger. I had to do something. Something to stop the madness. I asked Natasha if she had something stronger than the red wine. “There is Richot Brandy. Can it help? “ She asked. That was exactly what I needed. She reached for it and served me in another glass. After a few rounds with a lot of talking, it got the better side of me. Natasha stuck to her wine. She was still sober. I opened up to her and told her everything. Everything about me and Sasha. She took my glass away. Turned on the music and then told me that I needed to celebrate. Celebrate about what? I never cared. She got me up and gave me a dancing gesture. The first song in the playlist was John Legend’s all of me. And when Marvin Gaye’s sexual healing started to play,  everything took a new twist once again…

This is a continuation of the previous post,  April Fool’s Day Joke? No.  If you never read the first part then you can read it here   http://wp.me/p7p1iU-9


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