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Name: Patrick Lumumba Abonyo

Birthday: 20th March

Nationality: Kenyan

Sex: Male

Marital Status: mmmhh

Reading: Yes

Writing: Yes

Playing Video Games: Yes

I am one person that can spend a whole day either watching movies or reading a book. I am lover of both art and science. I have spent my whole life studying science and practicing art at the same time. I love art. I love to participate in art related projects. Art turns me on. I have heard of many stories about Paris including the one that says Paris is a city of love. A city that every woman on this planet wishes to visit. And that if you are a man and you want a big score in your relationship, take your wife/girlfriend to Paris, propose to her while close to or facing the Eiffel Tower. She will love you forever and ever. And if you are lucky enough to make love to her while in Paris, oh man, be sure to be loved to an eternity.┬áBut that is not what I wish to do while in Paris. Louvre Museum is my dream destination. I want to breathe art. Drink art. Eat art. Speak about nothing but only art.┬áMuseo del Louvre is the place to be. I’m dying to visit the place. To quench this art thirst. ART, art, ART, aRT, arT, ArT, ART art…

Welcome to my blog.