4 Lessons I Learnt While Working For an SME

Big companies and organizations are overwhelmed with applications right now. I'm certain of it. It is because every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to work for that big organization. That big company. And yes, these big organizations are also interested in employing qualified staff. But what of the Small and Medium Enterprises? All they need... Continue Reading →


My Top 3 Therapeutic Activities That Actually Work For Any Kind Of Stress

1. Dancing to and singing along my favourite songs. Alone. That shit works really good. 2. Writing...This one kind of allow me speak my mind to a friend who isn't judgy. My notebook. 3. Long showers... I know it's not economical. Environmentally that is... But lettingĀ  water run on your body while standing still, is... Continue Reading →

Why is Your Price Too High? The Question That Many Business Owners Don’t Like To Be Asked And How To Deal With It.

As someone involved in business, I believe you often encounter the question; why is your price too high? It is natural and typical of any client. In fact, it'd be weird if a client told me, "Patrick, your pricing is too low, charge me more". And I don't think if it'd ever happen. When I... Continue Reading →

Have a Plan

"The commander who gets many scores during the calculations in the temple before the war will have more liklihood of winning." ~Sun Tzu Too often, planning is simply a mental process. An idea that is only in our head as we simply look at the past and adjust for the future. Sailors call this "steering... Continue Reading →

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